Our sight-seeing tours: enjoy luxury in Berlin

Berlin is a cosmopolitan city that knows how to inspire its visitors. Charming historical details and special attractions create great memories. There are so many ways to explore the fascinating German capital city. One of the best options for effortless sight-seeing in Berlin is a city tour with our limousine service. Berlin’s numerous historical monuments are of varying types. Each destination has its own significant background and living story.

In compliance with your wishes

Our sight-seeing guides and chauffeurs are working in accordance with your own special wishes. You should get to know the city’s best places how it suits you, thus adapting without delay to changing conditions. Please inform us about your travelling plans and popular destinations you want to explore before reserving your booking request. Are you an art lover? You can also book a trip to see all famous art galleries in Berlin. There is one thing that each route has in common with others: we are offering an elegant service and high-end comfort sedans.

You decide where you want to rest

Your decisions always obtain first priority. Our well-trained chauffeurs will attend to your wishes. Our sight-seeing trips are also available in many other languages. Upon request, you will be served in another language during the trip. Please point that out during your booking request, so that we can hire a multilingual driver for you. PRIME Limousines will drive you professionally to the Brandenburg Gate and many other important places in the city. Berlin has much to offer. Choose us now to discover one of the most beautiful cities in Germany.